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Sunday Links are stripped down, scanned, found to be sexy

Reach in and grab one. We'll use the good guys as bookends.

  • The flu didn't stop Peavy yesterday, as he threw 83 pitches over 5 2/3 innings. Nerve-wracking, that guy. On the topic of our fifth starter, I regret not finding this graphic, detailing the anatomy of his torn lat, for last weeks links.
  • For the time being, a respected baseball website will still devote more than 800 words to Mark Teahen.
  • Here's a look at the expected White Sox offense in 2011, as analyzed by David Pinto at Baseball Musings. The Sox offense ranks third in comparison to the Tigers and Twins analysis of the same. Also via BM, for your bookmarking pleasure, the probable lineups and rotations for each major league team.
  • Joe Posnanski talks about his his mother's basement in defense of "stat-crazed dunces." Joe Pos also digs in deep, listing the best hitters (per b-r's Runs Above Replacement) on World Championship teams from 1946 to 2010, as compared to the RAR supplied by the rest of their respective teams. Both Konerko (35 RAR) and the White Sox (148) in 2005 have the third-lowest RAR in their categories in that time frame. 
  • On the pitching end of championship winners, if you needed more proof that pitching matters most, here's some conclusive evidence from The Hardball Times.
  • I'm no hound, but a pair o' prospects caught my eye this week. First, from Cuba, introducing Leon'ys Martin (h/t carleverettsdinosaurs), a soon-to-be free agent. Then there's Brandon Belt, who hit a single, double and home run against the White Sox on Wednesday, the Giants mega-prospect.
  • Cliffnotes on the Royals since 1985, from Royals Review.
  • A quick and easy breakdown of talent, handedness and position from Fangraphs. The comments are good, too, so read up.
  • Books: they exist. Again with the missed links last week, here's Raceball previewed by NPR, including an excerpt (h/t SkanchoDanza... you know, Carl). Also, the Wall Street Journal profiles The Extra 2% along with two yet-to-be-released baseball books with a sabermetric tint.
  • Seamheads' ballpark configuration database was recently updated. For ease, here's Comiskey Park I and II.
  • As we know by scrolling down, Matt Thornton was recently named the White Sox closer. Via MLBTR, here's a fantasy-related look at the closer situation for the 29 lesser teams.
  • Those are good burgers, Tim.
  • The Onion (featured here quite a bit, it seems) covers the 'temp murder of AJ Pierzynski. Buehrle was involved, and they may have found the body, but who cares? Sorry, pr. Just doing my job.
  • Okay, let's get all riled up with the new WGN White Sox movie-style trailer.
  • Did I say stripped down? Oops. Sunday Links remain linky! Mercy!