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Sunday Links are trunca-

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Turns out there's a White Sox game almost every day now. I'll let you hop to, but first a short wrap-up by source.

Via MLBTR: the Astros are 'close' to being sold by Drayton McLane. A list of the worst ball caps of all time has the White Sox 1926 version right on top. Scott Boras defends himself following criticism from an unnamed current player. Here's a real, actual players contract (lotta ins, lotta outs) in .pdf form! Finally, the White Sox are considered to have a better pitching staff than the Twins. Of course the Tigers are listed right up there, but we'll take what we can get. 

Via Baseball Musings: A little gem of a nameBrandon McCarthy is adjusting his pitching style at the ripe old age of 27. The Book tears a book, The Beauty of Short Hops, a new one. Here's a short look at last years baseball financial winners and losers, per Forbes.

larry shared a Moneyball movie review (looks quite good, can't wait), and Umpire Projections for this coming season.

Around the Central: From Twinkie Town comes a downright funny list of things that baffle Ron Gardenhire, starting off with a fantastic quote. Royals Review give us the ten Worst Decisions Possible that Ned Yost and Dayton Moore could make this year. AL Central In Focus has a good dissection of Rick Porcello and his expectations this year. Lastly,  Let's Go Tribe keeps us current with coverage of the Indians plans to honor Bob Feller all season long. Nice patch. Looks like KenWo and I should get to the game early on Friday.