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Today is the first gamethread of the rest of Brent Morel's life

White Sox vs. Royals, 2:05 Central

Despite Ozzie Guillen's best effort to provide for Brent Morel the guise of competition, the third baseman job is essentially his after Mark Teahen made a mockery of the position once again on Saturday. He committed two throwing errors and nearly tripped over the bag while tracking a pop-up, leaving Guillen to debate whether they should even pretend Teahen has played the position before:

"I’ve got to talk to our coaching staff and [GM] Kenny Williams in the next meeting and see what we’re going to do, if we’re going to give him a shot at third base or move him all over the place. That’s the next step, because it’s not fair for him or anybody. [It will] clear his mind—‘will I be [at third] or not?’ We’ve got to try to make the decision as quick as we can and go from there.

Looks like the flow chart is nearing the end of its relevancy. Morel gets the start at third, where he truly begins his journey to just not screw it up.

Lineups and pitchers after the jump.


  1. Juan Pierre LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez SS
  3. Adam Dunn 1B
  4. A.J. Pierzynski DH
  5. Lastings Milledge RF
  6. Brent Morel 3B
  7. Tyler Flowers C
  8. Jordan Danks CF
  9. Brent Lillibridge 2B

Pitchers: Mark Buehrle, Tony Pena, Jeff Gray, Miguel Socolovich, Gregory Infante, Jesse Crain, Shane Lindsay.