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Sunday Links are down in front!

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Baseball is fully underway, and there just happens to be a game today versus the less-than-polished Rays. On with it, starting with some Rays-related articles.


  • From DRaysBay, we take an early peek at the Rays' sub-optimal plate discipline, immediately followed by the stages of grief as experienced by their fans. Rays pitchers failed to record a strikeout for the first time in nearly five years during yesterdays contest. Some good tidbits in that link, too, including a quality quote regarding the bat flip incident yesterday. A.J. told reporters, "I don't know what you are talking about. I just said hi. He lives down the street from me in Orlando, and I was asking how his house was." Jonah Keri interviewed Sam Fuld back in January, and it's surprisingly good. If you have the time, listen to the full audio version here. Runs into fences, was college teammates with Carlos Quentin, likes Dogfish Head... What's not to like? For the dedicated, we have The Hardball Times' Five Questions segment concerning the Rays.

I'll sit down now.