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Blown saves, or blown savings?

Matt Thornton makes his pitch - for value!
Matt Thornton makes his pitch - for value!

Twelve games into the season, the White Sox are proving to be artists of the blown save. They're already up to six blown saves, when they had all of 13 last season.

Matt Thornton is developing into an efficiency expert in the matter, blowing four saves in four attempts. He didn't even need to allow any runs to score on Wednesday - he just used the two Chris Sale put on to get the job done.

In spite of it all - or maybe because of it! - the White Sox are on a pace for 94 wins. That's six more than last year!

But wait, there's more!

Thanks to all of the ninth inning failures, the White Sox have gone to extra innings five times this year. They've played nine extra innings overall, which means they've effectively given you a baker's dozen. Buy 12, get one more - at no cost to you! It's the equivalent of a Stewart's Milk Club punch card (note: you probably don't know what that is).

So let's review:

  1. The White Sox are better by a half-dozen games.
  2. The White Sox give you more baseball than you paid for.

And yet the Sox only drew an average of roughly 18,000 over the three-game set against Oakland.