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Sunday Links are rendered speechless

There are no words as of late. I feel equal parts shocked and disgusted, not just at the scores and the standings, but at the way these supposed "Good Guys" excel at giving up games. Bullpen blowups are all too familiar. A sopping blanket of offensive woes has been known to prevail. Bunting and botched stolen base attempts remain troublesome. Errors abounded for a while, and now dropped third strikes appear to be a problem. At least we can take minimal solace in the Twins and Tigers suffering thoroughly craptastic baseball runs themselves. Right?

To inspire some &#%@% hitting, let's review some tapes. Juan "Jean" Pierre takes the top spot and singles up the middle to tie the game, Rios doubles to add to a lead, Paulie's two-run shot puts the Sox up late, Dunn crushes a ball to right on Opening Day to really get things rolling ,Q! earns his exclamation point by rocking a go-ahead double, Bacon homers to put the Sox on the board first, 'Lexei walks off the A's, AJP hits an RBI single backed by a solid Hawk "yes," and Morel breaks up a no-hitter with some luck and shyster baserunning. Even the bench can get involved: Castro blasts a center field shot, Lillibridge upsets some weird sort of Cleveland fan with a dinger to left, and Vizquel hits number 2,800. Even Teahen can get in on the action, as he takes Shields deep.

It's May now. We're still in it. Let's get 'em today. Right?