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Sunday Links, May 15th edition

Occasionally there will be one story or piece of writing that overshadows all others for a given week. Today we focus on Harmon Killebrew, who recently called off his fight with esophageal cancer. This link, from The Hardball Times, is succinct and includes some touching comments at the bottom. The story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune is a little more expansive, but includes a bit that actually humanizes Michael Cuddyer. Both are excellent, and I hope you will click through.

Around the AL Central: Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, here's yesterdays Twins implosion recap. It's a small sample of their season adventure into the toilet, which is rapidly gaining both ferocity and momentum. A gift, if you will, for us White Sox fans. Detroit is binging on wins at the moment, as they have won seven in a row. However, Magglio is headed to the DL to deal with ankle weakness. The Royals are looking pretty good, considering, but of course winning brings attendance expectations. Cleveland is enjoying their unexpected success, as evidenced here by some highly rec'd posts on Let's Go Tribe. From Beyond the Boxscore, a visualization of AL Central wOBA, by hitters with more than 100 PAs.

Solid content shared in threads this week: From Chiburb, a look at the regenerative treatment used to get Bartolo Colon back into baseball. Bent Over Beckham shares some secret nicknames of major leaguers, per Fangraphs. Joewho112 gives us another BtB article, this one regarding the real meaning of standings at the end of April. Lastly, craigws sends us to a couple more Fangraphs articles, satiating our need for Milton Bradley coverage.