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White Sox 8, Indians 2: Feasting on Fausto

Fausto Carmona couldn't hide in the fog.
Fausto Carmona couldn't hide in the fog.

After tonight's start, Fausto Carmona has allowed 34 runs this season -- and the White Sox have accounted for 18 of them.

It wasn't quite the Opening Day onslaught, but it was more than enough to support an effective Gavin Floyd. As a result, the White Sox cruised to their first easy victory since the 8-0 blanking of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on May 9.

Floyd even spotted the Indians a run. A Shin-Soo Choo double to left set up a sacrifice fly as the fog rolled in, putting the Sox in a little bit of an ominous hole to start the game.

If there were any omens, they only brought bad news for the Tribe. The Sox set their template for success early -- get your first two batters on base and watch the fun unfold. 

In the first, Paul Konerko drove home Juan Pierre (who doubled) and Alexei Ramirez (who got hit in the finger on a bunt attempt and stopped, dropped and rolled afterward) with a double off the base of the wall in left. It was extra nice of Konerko to pick up Adam Dunn, who struck out.

In the second, Alex Rios (infield single) and Dallas McPherson (real man single) put pressure on Carmona, and Eric Cooper didn't help matters. Omar Vizquel didn't lay down the greatest of sac bunts, and Carlos Santana made a throw to third. Jack Hannahan appeared to get back to the bag in time to touch it before Rios slid in, but Cooper disagreed. That loaded the bases.

After Pierre hit into a 3-2 fielder's choice to get the force play at home, Ramirez picked him up with a double past Hannahan at third. That scored two, and Dunn redeemed himself by ripping a single to center to give the Sox a 6-1 lead.

Carlos Quentin added a two-run homer for good measure, and Floyd found his groove. He faced a depleted Indians lineup -- no Grady Sizemore, no Travis Hafner, no Travis Buck, no Orlando Cabrera -- and he basically let them retire themselves. He allowed just five hits and a walk over his seven innings, striking out three.


*Pierre made a great running catch up against the wall in foul territory. A lot of guys would have slid in order to avoid making contact, but Pierre made it there with enough time to slow himself down and lessen the impact against the railing.

*Ramirez pulled off a few above-average plays on defense, but he also committed his seventh error. He made a nice play by snaring a laser liner (that's good!), but he rushed the throw to first (that's bad!). Instead of doubling up Matt LaPorta, his throw skipped past Konerko.

Record: 20-25 | GB: 8 | Box score | Play-by-play