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Video: Jordan Danks and Dayan Viciedo

On Sunday, you saw the Charlotte Knights in photos. Today, you'll see Dayan Viciedo and Jordan Danks in action.

Note: If you remember the last time I took video in Syracuse (Brent Morel), most of the audio contained the very loud heckling/support by one superfan. You'll hear him in both these videos, too. Everything he says is safe for work in terms of content (one of the many reasons he impresses me), but ... it's a guy yelling, so it may not be safe for work in that sense.

Regarding Danks: I slowed down the swing of the home-run distance foul ball, because that's the best contact I've ever seen him make. Granted, I've only seen him play three or four times, but still. His swing doesn't strike me as that long -- or at least his hands don't do the super-frustrating Josh Fields/Gordon Beckham loop-the-loop.

Regarding Viciedo: The last two clips are my favorite part, because it sums up the Dayan Experience. He goes from chasing a pitch in the dirt to blasting a double to right, and with him, I doubt you can have one without the other.