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KenWo's Corner- Rock Bottom

Last time we talked, we had just gotten thumped by the Orioles 10-4.  I suggested that the Sox would finish off the homestand 1-4.  That is indeed what happened.  The Sox took a victory on Monday night breaking a 5 game losing streak, but now have lost 3 in a row since Mark Buehrle and Paul Konerko stepped up and beat Baltimore.  Included in that was a no-hitter by Francisco Liriano.  It wasn't exactly a pretty no-hitter either.  We have seen Liriano much more dominant than he was in that effort.  I figured maybe the no-hitter would jump start them the next afternoon vs. Nick Blackburn.  Instead, the Sox fell short 3-2.  Then, last evening it was Ozzie Guillen leaving Matt Thornton out to dry in the 9th inning, as we lost to Felix Hernandez 3-2 in spite of another fine effort by Philip Humber.  

Every time I think we have hit rock bottom and are bound to turn things around, there is another disaster on tap.  Whether it be bad bullpen work, a putrid offensive effort, a crucial error or disturbing base running, something is always shooting down any positive (like the recent starting pitching efforts) in the foot.  The Sox have only given up nine runs in their last four contests, yet have gone 1-3 during that stretch.  Humber and John Danks have looked very good all season, and are a combined 2-8.  This is the kind of starting pitching that should result in a nice win streak, but instead they are wasting these solid mound efforts.  

So my question is...when does it stop?  Did they hit rock bottom last evening?  Will it be next Sunday in Oakland?  The 21st at the official SSS meet up?  June 1st after an absolutely brutal road trip which has them facing Texas, Toronto and Boston?  Will it come when we lose our grip on the BP Cup?  Is there an end in sight?  This thing has gotten past "oh its just a slow start" or "its still early".  Our boys have a winning percentage of .333.  The 2nd worst team in all of baseball is at .400 (Minnesota), and they just swept us!  I have found a team that has had a start just as bad as the White Sox this season and still went on to win the World Series.  The 1914 Boston Braves started out 12-28 and went on to go 94-59 with a World Series championship.  Thats right.  I just turned the clock back to 1914 to find a comparable situation to the White Sox.  It doesn't look good folks.

Can they turn it around?  I suppose so.  I actually am predicting a 5-4 road trip.  I am sure there is a decent run in the team.  We are only 4 games behind Detroit and 3.5 behind Minnesota, who were supposed to be the cream of the crop in the Central.  Sure, we are 11 games behind the Indians, but they can't possibly keep up this torrid pace, can they? 

* Alex Rios has started to show some signs of life with the bat.  Him coming around would be very welcomed at this point.

* Dayan Viciedo is now sticking over .300 in Charlotte.  With the team struggling so much with the bats, wouldn't he be a welcomed addition to the lineup no matter where he is playing?  I think its time to get the guy up here (and leave him here for a good 10 years).

* Gordon Beckham is 4 for his last 11.  Something is better than nothing.

* The Angels aren't throwing Jered Weaver or Dan Haren at us.  Unfortunately, Tyler Chatwood is slated to go.

* Jake Peavy, barring any discomfort, could possibly start Wednesday in Anaheim.  Too bad he can't hit.