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White Sox 5, Mariners 2: Finally, a series

The clouds were nice and sweepy, but two out of three ain't bad.
The clouds were nice and sweepy, but two out of three ain't bad.

I'm pleased as punch to report that I witnessed the first White Sox series win in a month, in my first three live games of the season in Seattle. At the rate of Sox baseball of late, I was emotionally prepared to be disgusted and struggle through some games against the relatively-hot Mariners.

Friday night's game against King Felix was the same old sad song, and it bothered me how dead I felt towards the outcome. As a generally hopeful person, someone who doesn't give up until the elimination is mathematical for example, I sat numb along the left field line on Friday night. My only real tinglies came from a Q bomb that sailed by my face.

However, the past two games were fun in a way that we haven't been treated to in seemingly forever. Offense showed up last night behind a great Gavin start. Then today, a Buehrle quality start-turned-extra-inning-victory under the mostly sunny Seattle sky, to secure the series. How refreshing! And how tightly I plan to cling to these consecutive wins, until the bitter sad song plays again.

My dad texted me before the game that I needed to get a series win today or not come home, so it looks like I'm free to fly to Chicago in two weeks for our outing. I am ready for some National League lovin' to turn this season around. But first, down the West Coast the Sox go, into weather that will hopefully heat up them bats.