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Sunday Links are still living in the past

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Too much good summer stuff going on these days. If you're inside reading this, much respect to you. We're grouping by audience today. Let's jump in.

For you stat-heads, Colin gives us an analysis of groundballs, as tossed by right-handed pitchers. Velocity, location and movement are all part of the dissection, and there's a wicked cool heat map to top it off, showing you what you already suspected.

Mike McCoy, utilityman for the Blue Jays, threw a perfect inning of relief in a blowout loss to the Red Sox yesterday. McCoy used his "knuckleball" to induce weak contact, getting three outs in just 12 pitches.  These sort of anomalies just add to the overall interest of baseball (I love it!), so here are some related links for the historians and saber-types in these parts: The story, from MLB, with video of course; a short Fangraphs article, showing the three wiffs he induced in .gif format; the PitchFX account of the outing, from Brooks Baseball; a Sports Illustrated posting from last year, looking at relatively recent results of position players taking the mound; and pitching lines of the same, but from 1871-present.

The artsy-fartsy folks will appreciate Eephus League. It's a budding all-inclusive baseball site, complete with pictures, stories, infographics, etc. It's small at the moment, but has a ton of potential. Already it's easy to kick around in there for a good piece of time. Plus, you can join the site and share tidbits of your own.

Also for the a-f crowd, Grantland, Bill Simmons' new site, incorporates sports with quality writing. The list of consulting editors is impressive: Dave Eggers, Malcolm Gladwell, John Walsh, and Chuck Klosterman, amongst many other contributors. Simmons' inaugural post is a good read in itself. Again, qual-it-tay.

For the olde-tyme video gang 67WMAQ drops hotness once again. These videos, if they haven't been seen before, are especially good. The live coverage of Disco Demolition Night, of course, is a staple. Then there's a profile of Eric Soderholm from Tim Weigel in 1977, just a feel-good piece of journalism. Also on that site, links to many, many other awesomely old Chicago video clips. I trust you can navigate yourself through the goodness. And finally, there's this video session with Bill Veeck, as found through this Baseball Prospectus article shared by larry. The article has a few more Veeck videos attached to it, too, if you have time to explore. Both links are excellent, personal favorites of the week. Enjoy.