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Reading Room: Danks done grappling with grip

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Christian Marrero Reading Room
Christian Marrero Reading Room

This edition of the Christian Marrero Reading Room is a lightning round, but fret not -- there's another post on the way later this morning.

John Danks rode an improved cutter to two straight victories, and he talked to Mark Gonzales about what clicked:

"I play with grips a lot," said Danks, who will make his next start Saturday night in Arizona against Zach Duke. "My last game (a 3-2 triumph over the A's on Saturday), I finally had a good one and was encouraged. Whenever I'm throwing a good one, I'm throwing it out front. That makes sense. I tend to not get on top of it and get around it and it doesn't do anything for me. My focus is throwing it out front."

We saw what Ozzie Guillen saw with Sergio Santos' struggles on the mound -- he appears to be rushing everything, including how quickly he goes from getting the sign to delivering the pitch.

"In Russia, Bridge burns you!" That's what Guillen learned last year from overexposing Brent Lillibridge, and he's trying to protect everybody involved from the same fate. Lillibridge is providing a reason for caution, with more strikeouts (10) than hits (six) over his last 34 plate appearances.

And while we're thinking of players we'd rather see instead of Juan Pierre, J.J. looks at the way Dayan Viciedo could be integrated into an everyday role.

Jake Peavy says he's open to taking a spot in the bullpen, and it appears that everybody will leave it at that...

...except for James, who goes through the effort to point out why it's a silly idea.

While the rest of the bullpen has struggled to stay on target, Jesse Crain has stepped up, taking as much responsibility as Guillen will give him. I'm still waiting until at least the All-Star break before saying anything greater, because if he gets that far, he will then have outproduced Scott Linebrink.