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White Sox 3, Cubs 2: Sox emerge victorious on the other side of the rainbow

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That ball is headed where troubles melt like lemon drops.
That ball is headed where troubles melt like lemon drops.

I'll keep this brief since I know it's late and we all have solstice-themed drum circles to get to.

Appropriately, the Cubs/White Sox game seemed like a full-evening event, thanks to a near-two-hour rain delay that began in the top of the 6th inning.  Buehrle had a 2-1 lead and found himself in a jam with one out and runners on first and third, after giving up two consecutive singles to Reed Johnson and Starlin Castro, respectively.  And that's when the heavens opened and Bossard & Co scrambled to protect our sacred grounds.  

A couple hours later, the game resumed with Crain on the mound.  Aside from a sacrifice fly to bring Johnson in from third, Crain finished the inning with a strikeout of Soto.  And a tie ballgame.   Crain made amazingly quick work of the Cubs in the top of the 7th, setting the stage for the Sox offense to break the tie in the bottom of the inning.

Alexei led off with a double to left, followed by a single up the middle off the bat of AJ.  Rios popped out to second on the first friggin' pitch, but Morel stepped up with a sacrifice fly to bring Alexei home.  3-2 Sox to Pierre, who also on the first pitch, bunted out to third to end the inning.  You read that right; it's ok to facepalm.  

Thornton replaced Crain in the top of the 8th, but after two singles and two outs, Ozzie called upon Santos to finish the inning.  And protect the serge he did, by striking out Aramis Ramirez to end the threat and preserve the one-run lead.   Sergio returned in the 9th to truly finish the job.  He struck out two of the three batters he faced (including a looking Soto) and swiftly finished the Cubs.  An easy-breezy fine performance from our "closer" (or something) who has been roughed up a tad in recent weeks.  

Oh, and that silly Captain!  Konerko put the first run on the board today with a solo BOMB to left field.  That's his fifth game in a row with a homer, and his 21st long ball of the season.  On the contrary, Dunn continued his streak of awfulness going 0-4, and conveniently batting right after Konerko for maximum display of sucking, as far as relativity's concerned.  PK's first two at-bats featured a home run and a double, and Dunn followed both with strikeouts.  Then in the 8th inning Paulie was intentionally walked, which paid off  for Cubs pitcher John Grabow, when Dunn promptly popped out to first base. 

No matter the extended wet route to get there, a Sox winner ends the longest day of the year and ties the series at one.  Tomorrow may not feature as much daylight, but Peavy returns to the mound for the rubber match, so there are reasons to be hopeful.