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Riggleman resigns; White Sox to break in new Washington manager

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The Washington Nationals swept the Seattle Mariners to improve to 38-37. Jim Riggleman resigned afterward.

Why? Because he told Mike Rizzo that he would step down if his option wasn't picked up. The Nationals weren't prepared to go the extra step, and so Riggleman followed through on his word.

It's somewhat poetic that the Nationals will roll into Chicago with Mike Rizzo under the heat lamp. I don't have a good feel for who's at fault, because Riggleman has never been known as an in-demand strategist. But given what happened with Rizzo and Kenny Williams with the Edwin Jackson-Adam Dunn situation last year, it seems like the Nationals' front office does have some problems with indecisiveness.

Also, I wonder if this will give Ozzie Guillen any ideas.

This is the second time this season the White Sox will face a team that just made a midseason managerial change. They took three out of four from Oakland in Bob Melvin's first series at the helm June 9-12.

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