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Sunday Links are sittin' pretty

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After sharing Mighty Flynn last week, found and dropped into my lap by 67WMAQ, I've been sleeplessly tearing through baseball-related Tumblrs, following leads, digging deep, looking for the best. Tumblr gets a bad rap; there are a lot of awful Myspacesque pages, and a good quote or picture on a given page may be the only decent one posted for miles. It's a site used primarily by 19-year-old girls, 30-something design student wannabes, collectors of niche photography, and me. However, there are quite a few gems under the neon facade of nudity, flashing .gifs, MS Paint-drawn memettes, and pointless question-and-answer sessions. To prove this, I've put on my triceratops gloves, grabbed a dull, rusty shovel, and dug. And compiled. And polished. And, finally, presented.

The link for the week:

It's a work in progress, so bear with me. I plan on updating regularly, not only using baseball media from around Tumblr and the web, but also using the best comments, illustrations and photos from SouthSideSox proper. Like a little SSS museum, hopefully. Also, of course, each entry has a source link where more good stuff can be found. Waste some time, and enjoy.