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2011 MLB Draft: White Sox wait until No. 47

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The MLB Draft starts in about 10 minutes, but for White Sox fans, it's hard to get excited. Due to the Adam Dunn signing, the White Sox lost their first-round pick. Losing J.J. Putz at least netted them a sandwich pick, and so their first turn will come at No. 47.

Even Doug Laumann is finding it harder to get pumped up:

"You hear a lot about how good the draft is and how good the players are. By the fact that we've eliminated 20 or 25 of the top guys, it's hard for me to jump into that argument."


Anywhoozle, for those who are keeping tabs, Baseball Nation will have an updating storystream this evening, and here's a link to's draft tracker. And while most mock drafts don't take compensation picks into mind, Kevin Goldstein was charitable enough to offer a suggestion for the White Sox in his mock draft:

47. Chicago White Sox: Kes Carter, OF, Western Kentucky. Chicago needs everything, and Carter is a potential power/speed package with a quick lefty bat. Local high school product Charlie Tilson could come into play, as he's looking more signable than had been anticipated.