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Reading Room: White Sox survive draft

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The final day of the draft passed, and Ozney Guillen went unselected.

And everybody is still standing.

Amid speculation that the White Sox didn't deliver on a promise to draft Ozzie Guillen's youngest son -- fueled in part by the manager's curiously timed and vague emotional tweets -- Ozzie did what he could to put those rumors to rest.

In truth, Guillen was writing about a “very, very close friend” who is ill back in Venezuela. And it irritated him greatly that people immediately assumed he was grinding an axe against the White Sox with his writing.

“I have a life besides this [baseball] life,” Guillen said with some frustration. “My life is not [just] in baseball. I have kids, I have a family, I have a family in Venezuela, I have family [members who are] sick, I have family that struggles, I have family that needs money. That’s what my tweet was about. My tweet was nothing about baseball. Nothing. Nothing at all."

It's understandable for people to jump to conclusions, given what happened last year. But Guillen asserted that the Sox should do what they think is best, and Kenny Williams said they wouldn't offer him a free-agent contract, so here's hoping that's the end of it.

And hey -- even if you're still skeptical and believe he's covering up some of his discontent, that's also a positive development.

FutureSox has a draft tracker for the final 20 picks. Alan Regier's son was drafted, as was the brother of Leighton Pangilinan, but the most notable name to me? Dakota Freese. I'm resisting looking him up, because that's the name of a Steven Seagal character, and if I don't see a ponytail or video of a wobbly roundhouse kick, I'm just going to be disappointed.

** Williams surprised Yankees claimed Marquez - ESPN Chicago

Brian Cashman added insult to Williams' injury -- not only did he get Nick Swisher from the Sox for pocket lint, but he got a piece of fuzz back when he claimed Jeff Marquez off waivers. Williams thought he would be able to hold onto Marquez, but he didn't make it back to Charlotte. Williams threw in a little jab, saying with a smile that the Yankees have a greater need for pitching.

But Williams has been on the winning side of this kind of situation before, like when he traded Freddy Garcia to Philadelphia for Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez, and then got Garcia back after he washed out with the Phillies, and later the Tigers and Mets.

** Rios returns after a three-game break - Chicago White Sox Blog - ESPN Chicago

Alex Rios returned to the lineup after his three-day sabbatical from starting, and like Adam Dunn, Rios too is "embarrassed." In his first game back, he went 1-for-4 to raise his average to .200. It's a start.

** Stone: 1977 was special year on South Side -

Brett Ballantini continues his look back at the South Side Hit Men by giving Steve Stone the floor. I liked this paragraph:

Bill always felt baseball should be fun, on a daily basis. It should be memorable. He wanted to hook the first-timers for life. I remember warming up in the bullpen, the noise on the field made it such that I couldn’t hear the catcher’s glove pop. Part of the psychology of convincing yourself you have great stuff it to hear the catcher’s glove. Kegs of beer on wagons would be going through the bullpen and you’d have to stop your warmup to let the procession through. It was a circus.

** Bossard bobblehead delayed -

If you bought tickets for Sunday's game primarily for the Roger Bossard bobblehead, take note -- the promotion has been delayed until Sept. 13 due to a manufacturing error. The first 20,000 fans to Sunday's game will receive vouchers for a Bossard bobblehead doll that can be redeemed after September 13.

And finally, I enjoyed this tweet from Joe Sheehan:

An MLB team firing its hitting coach is like the troubled couple thinking a second kid will bring them closer together.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply