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White Sox 9, A's 4: Kicking Oakland while it's down

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Adam Dunn speeds home on a 20-foot Alexei Ramirez single.
Adam Dunn speeds home on a 20-foot Alexei Ramirez single.

The Oakland A's rolled into Chicago losers of nine straight, and with a new manager to show for it. Switching from Bob Geren to Bob Melvin did not change their fortunes.

Trevor Cahill had to battle a two-front war against his own control and sheer bad luck that got ugly for him after recording the first out of the second inning. Here's the sequence:

  • Four-pitch walk to A.J. Pierzynski(!)
  • Broken-bat single for Alex Rios
  • Plunked Adam Dunn in the lower calf(!)
  • Omar Vizquel sac fly after third baseman Adam Rosales overruns a catchable pop-up in foul territory
  • Gordon Beckham infield single (Alex Rios ran in front of Rosales, preventing a direct path to the ball)
  • Five-pitch run-scoring walk to Juan Pierre
  • RBI dribbler single by Alexei Ramirez

Carlos Quentin finally bailed him out by check-swinging on a pitch in the dirt, then appealing to first base umpire before Kurt Suzuki even thought about it. It looked like he held up, but Alfonso Marquez thought otherwise. Frankly, even if he held up, he kinda deserved to get rung up, because frankly, it was a pretty dumb thing to do.

The White Sox turned a 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 lead, and after they added three more in the bottom of the third on a two-run Dunn homer and a bases-loaded walk to Ramirez, they controlled the game the rest of the way.

Mark Buehrle benefited from the support, having an easier time of it than his line would indicate (seven innings, seven hits, three runs, one walk, four strikeouts). He had two rough innings, giving up three straight singles in the second and a two-run homer to Hideki Matsui in the seventh, but he allowed just one hit in the five other innings. He also erased his only walk by picking off Coco Crisp.

And besides, Paul Konerko made up for the Matsui blast with a two-run shot of his own.

Record: 31-34 | Box score | Play-by-play