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Sox can't give tuckered-out Cubs a respite

The Sox couldn't beat Carlos Zambrano, but maybe they can use Zambrano's early exit on Thursday to help beat the Cubs.
The Sox couldn't beat Carlos Zambrano, but maybe they can use Zambrano's early exit on Thursday to help beat the Cubs.

Watching the White Sox churn through interleague play this season reminds me of Good Will Hunting's story arc. They've lost the first game of all five series against National League teams, and every time they show some brilliance, they feel compelled to force you to lower all expectations. Why don't you leave them alone, huh? They're nothing special. Maybe you have the problem, man.

But if they really didn't want to be hassled, he wouldn't solve impossible problems on chalkboards. And the White Sox wouldn't be 9-6 against the National League in spite of themselves.

Basically, I'm guessing we aren't turning the corner until somebody starts crying. And if the Sox show up flat against the Cubs in the opener of the final interleague series, it may start as soon as this afternoon.

The Cubs are coming off a series with the Giants that's reminiscent of the White Sox-Royals clusterhump last August. They played a day-night doubleheader on Tuesday, followed by two walk-off Cubs victories on Wednesday and Thursday, the latter of which required 12 innings of bullpen work because Carlos Zambrano left in the second with back spasms. Aside from Chris Carpenter and Kerry Wood, the entire bullpen is gassed.

Better yet for the White Sox, they'll face the struggling Randy Wells (one quality start in his last six), while Edwin Jackson is coming off a quality June in every respect except wins.

Part of the reason why the Sox are so frustrating this season is because they squander such opportunities - case in point, their 1-4 0-4 record against the Minnesota Twins thus far. The refusal to accept momentum has resulted in a weeks-long search for The Game Where They Turned The Corner.

This game actually has the makings of one. If the White take the opener, they'll be within one game of .500 and putting pressure on the other team for the change. Dropping this game puts the Sox back on their heels, which is the position they've assumed for most of June. Somehow, they finished the month 14-11.

That's admirable in a way, because it does illustrate that the Sox have some resolve. But it still feels like they're contending by accident, and the only way to change that perception is to grab a series by the ears once in a while. Today would be as good a day as any.

Ozzie Guillen will probably never be nicer to Wrigley Field than he is right here.

Adam Dunn will start in one of the three games at Wrigley. More interestingly, he'll bat third when the silly season ends, as Guillen will attempt to convince him the first three months never happened. At this point, I don't see why not.

This is terrible. Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to Willie and Trey Harris.