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Reading Room: Surprise! Peavy overdoing it again

OK, how is it that we know Jake Peavy's body better than he does? Or better than Ozzie Guillen does?

After his four-plus ineffective innings in the half-ending loss to the Minnesota Twins, Peavy shared news that shouldn't surprise anybody (emphasis mine):

"I thought physically I’d be able to bounce back better than I have and that’s just the bottom line, no ifs, ands, or buts about it," Peavy said after his team’s 6-3 loss to the Minnesota Twins on Sunday. "Physically, my body has not bounced back and it’s not hard to see out there. I’m throwing 85 to 90 miles per hour with my fastball and breaking balls just aren’t as sharp, can’t even strike anybody out with it." [...]

"That’s frustrating, getting myself in trouble," Peavy said. "It certainly wasn’t the way I want to do things. But at the same, you gotta put guys away with two strikes. I look forward to the break, I need the break. I need to regroup physically and have better stuff than I’ve been running out there with. It’s been a grind these last three since the Colorado start, physically just not have good stuff."

You may remember that Peavy wasn't supposed to make that Colorado start, because he threw a radical four innings of relief in a victory over Washington. But he talked his way back into it, because Guillen can't look into those sea-blue eyes and say "no." It didn't take a genius to see that it was a bad idea, yet the Sox keep allowing Peavy to push himself, and the result is the same is the same is the same...

The good news is that John Danks was "letting it loose" in Charlotte with no issues, and that is necessary news. The Sox absolutely need Danks to be in form, because Peavy's never going to be healthy for more than two starts in a row. Peavy and the White Sox will simply not see to it.

Everybody's favorite solution, Dayan Viciedo, got plenty of press for his appearance in the Futures Game. But just don't take the evaluation of his progress from him...

...Tyler Flowers will also vouch for Viciedo's talents, making a note of his defensive adequacy.

J.J. looks at Flowers' splits and comes to the conclusion that somebody is going to have to hit lefties. I'm guessing it will be Flowers, because prior to this season he's had normal splits. I'd chalk it up to sample size until somebody says or shows differently.

Speaking of starters getting rest, Phil Humber talks about his workload considerations as he gets set to embark on his first second half as a full-time major-league starter.

James wonders what's wrong with Gavin Floyd, and why Floyd makes it so easy for everybody speculate about his flaws.

Apparently the end of the first half is a time for reflection, as Chuck Garfien sits down with Mark Buehrle to talk about the highlights of his career.