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Reading Room: Museum has Guillen's support

This is perhaps the best thing Ozzie Guillen has said all year:

"Major league baseball/American League should make guys go see the Negro League Museum in Kansas City. They should make them go there and find out the real history of the game and the great thing[s] about baseball. I don’t know why they’re not doing it. The Players Association should make it [mandatory]. First of all, help them with the museum and we can see what those guys went through to make us make a lot of money … I said that [first back] in 2006: MLB should have the rule that we have to stop by. Everybody that goes to K.C. has to have a bus before you go to the ballpark and stop by for an hour, two hours. You will learn a lot and appreciate what you do right now."

If you've never been, you should make a point to go. It's a beautiful use of a couple hours.


Alex Rios says he hasn't felt comfortable at the plate all season, which should be obvious. But what caught my eye was 1) that Rios said he hasn't held his hands high since the minors, when that doesn't appear to be true, and 2) Greg Walker's analysis of his upper/lower body disconnect.

The other Wonder Twin, Adam Dunn, is angling for the lowest batting average for a qualifying hitter in the live-ball era. Famous TTOer Rob Deer holds that distinction with his .179 average in 1991.

Ozzie Guillen shares some insight on Carlos Quentin when he struggles.

At the bottom of Daryl Van Schouwen's notes is a very sabermetric Mark Buehrle:

"I’m the same me, and I’m on a good stretch right now," said Buehrle, who will start tonight when the Sox open a three-game series in Kansas City. "To be honest, I think there’s a lot of luck in pitching, and I’m just on a roll right now. I’m making important pitches I need to make, but, at the same time, I’m getting away with stuff."

Rick Hahn made Will Carroll's list of the top assistant GMs in baseball, which makes J.J. a-scared of losing him to another team.