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Gamethread: Kyle Davies

Tonight, the White Sox will face Kyle Davies...

...who has a 1-8 record.
...who picked up his only win on April 13, when he allowed five runs over five innings.
...who isn't even averaging five innings per start.
...who can't even throw a quality start one every three outings.
...who has a 7.74 ERA.
...who has owned an ERA above 7.00 for five straight starts.
...who has a 1.92 WHIP.
...who has allowed a .352 BAA.
...who has a career ERA of 5.64.
...who has a career ERA+ of 76 over 756 innings and 142 starts.
...who is quite possibly the worst regularly deployed starting pitcher in baseball history.

That said, if the Sox lose this one, I'm going to complain a little.