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Kenny Williams at the Trade Deadline: a Choose Your Own Adventure Adventure

You bet your ass I am.
You bet your ass I am.

I've decided to try something a little different for this day off. Over the past week or so, I've been plotting out/writing a Choose Your Own Adventure story starring you as our beloved General Manager Kenny Williams. So sit back and enjoy all you computer chair GMs, this is your chance to live out July 31st at the helm of the White Sox. Your journey starts below...

"...and now you find yourself in '82..."

The sudden and somewhat unwelcome intrusion of the greatest triumph in British songwriting springs you to your feet. Is it finally here? Can it be true?

It is! Today is July 31st and it is finally el Dia de la Feche Limite de Cambios! Nothing could ruin your cheerful mood. The White Sox currently sit 3.0 games out of first place with a .500 record. As you pull into your parking spot at beautiful U.S. Cellular Field, you make your final decision as to what direction you plan on taking the team today.

Click here to make a trade.

Click here to stand pat.

Click here to make an internal move.