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A Trail of Tears

"Edwin, come to my office."  Your voice booms over the PA system in the clubhouse.  The young man begins to pack his things.  Friends come by to offer support.  Edwin needs none.  This is the fifth franchise he's been a part of.  He still hasn't reached free agency.  He knows what's coming. 

"Have a seat Edwin.  Would you like a Polish?  They don't have them where you're going."


"Thanks Mr. Williams.  I'll miss the foods here.  I'm sorry that I won't live up to the expectations you had for me when you gave up Daniel Hudson and David Holmberg last summer."

"Don't worry about it Edwin.  We knew what we were getting when we traded for you.  And that's why we have to act quickly!"


"You see, almost every team has wound up getting more for you than they gave up for you!  The Rays gave up Danys Baez and Lance Carter and turned you into Matt Joyce!  The Tigers turned you into Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, and Max Scherzer!  Can you imagine the improvement we'll get after losing Hudson and Holmberg?"

"I see your point sir.  I'm ready to help the team."


Click here to trade Edwin to the Washington Nationals.

Click here to trade Edwin to the Pittsburgh Pirates.