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Bodega: BO-DAY-GAH

You decide to drive over to the local corner store and perhaps pick up some snacks.  General managing makes one mighty hungry, so you'll need to stock up.  Ah, here's the colorful marketplace right up ahead.


This seems as good a place as any to purchase supplies.  Say, that longhaired homeless man looks familiar.  You hear that annoying chime sound go off, alerting the shopkeep to your presence.  You nod at the elderly gentleman and he returns to his soduku.

You make your way to the back of the store.  You've grown quite parched since your fourth cup of coffee this morning.  You feel no need for more caffeine, but could still use a flavorful drink.  Unfortunately, most of the selection has been picked over.  You still see a few bottles remaining in the freezer.  You open the door...


Click here to buy Lime & Cucumber Gatorade (seriously, this shit exists!)

Click here to buy...the fuck?  Pickle Surprise?

Click here to leave and give the strangely familiar hobo some change.