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A Day at the Musuem

"Ozzie!  What are you up to?"

"Des es joke right?  We have game in an hour."

"So say something ridiculous to a reporter and get suspended for it.  We're going to the Art Institute!"

"Sound pooty goo!"




"So what did you say to get out of having to manage today?"

"I say Joe Mauer es more effete tha Vega from Street Fighter and den pranced sayin 'I'm Joe Mauer!'  It work perfect!"

"You're a strange kind of genius.  So where do you want to start?  The Armory?  Portraits?"

"Art touching contest!"

"You cannot be serious.  What am I saying, you're you.  How do we do this?"

"Whoever touches better piece o art weens.  Ready?  Go!"


Click here to touch American Gothic.

Click here  to touch Water Lilies.