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Disrespecting a Veteran

Omar Vizquel has been around the game long enough to know when his welcome has been worn out.  This time he's going out on his own terms though...

You walk down to the clubhouse, running the plan through your head.  You keep running your hands over the gold pocketwatch you plan on giving him.  It'll be just like a retirement.  We'll get him some cake, throw him a nice party, and everyone can part amicably.  You don't believe yourself.  And judging by the note you find in Omar's locker, neither would he have.

Read a copy of the note here.

Well that's a strange way to quit you think as you lean up against the now empty locker.  Suddenly, the locker collapses in on itself.  You tumble to the ground, covered in oak and dust.

"Dammit Omar, this is not how adults behave!"

While walking towards your car that night, you begin to here an ominous whistling emanates from the alley way between the church and the ballpark.  Is that the Farmer in the Dell?!



Omar's comin...