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Goodnight, Sweet Prince

How is it that you get rid of one of his kind again?  Cold iron?  That doesn't sound right.

"Hahn!  Bring me some cold iron!"

"What?  Kenny, I'm talking to other GMs."

"Don't care, I need cold iron right now!"



"Brent, could you step into my office?"

The little rogue scampers into the room.

"What's up boss?  You're not trying to cut me are you?"

"I'd do no such THING!" you scream while throwing a handful of cold iron at his face.  The balls bounce harmlessly off.

"Um, what the fuck was that about?" Brent asks indignantly.  "Did you honestly think I was a fairy?  You thought that could get rid of me?  Silly little man.  I'm Brent Lillibridge!  You can't rid yourself of me that easily."  He begins to rise in the air by flapping his ears.


"It looks like you've beaten me.  Sign this contract extension and go on your way beast."

He floats down from the ceiling.

"Good.  It's about time you showed some respect.  What's this gibberish at the bottom of the page?"

"What are you talking about?"

"It looks like it says Egdirbillil Tnerb...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Just then, Brent Lillibridge erupts in a puff of smoke.  The imp has been sent back to the 5th dimension and the necessary roster space is now available.

Rick Hahn has witnessed the destruction.

"Is it cool if I never actually become a GM?"

"Why do you think we've been training you?"