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Reading Room: Lunchtime leftovers

Christian Marrero Reading Room
Christian Marrero Reading Room

I was originally going to tack these onto the end of the Alejandro De Aza, but then I just kept writing.

The Sox can't even get a Venn diagram right.

Adam and Jeff run our friend Rob through a minefield of hypothetical questions, and he deftly maneuvers through them.

Dayan Viciedo is clearly in time-biding mode. In fact, he's gotten so bored that he's drawing walks (12 in 16 July games).

Don Cooper wants nothing to do with Viciedo, hanging up on Mully & Hanley rather abruptly after they asked a question about the Tank.

Underneath Jesse Crain providing nightmare fodder for his teammates, Mark Gonzales notes that Robin Ventura will begin working for Buddy Bell tonight when the Knights play Louisville. Hopefully he won't hang up when Bell asks about Viciedo.

Unless injury strikes or he completely folds, Tyler Flowers will be with the big-league club for the rest of the year. Castro will miss eight to 12 weeks with his broken finger, so even if he returns, it will be after rosters expand.

Brett Ballantini and his shirt use the upcoming induction of Roberto Alomar to look at other Hall of Famers who barely graced the South Side.