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Poll: Carlos Quentin's future

But he just started attempting to smile!
But he just started attempting to smile!

If you were to take a survey on Twitter about Carlos Quentin's future, you would be hard-pressed to find anyting resembling a consensus. Hell, they're even difficult to group. Each one is saying something a little bit different:

Quentin's going: Among scouts/execs seems momentum now #Whitesox Quentin will be dealt and team I hear as frontrunner most is #Braves -- Joel Sherman (New York Post)

Quentin's wanted: Source: Braves "hot" for Quentin - and #WhiteSox love ATL's young arms. -- Ken Rosenthal

Quentin's too pricey: #Pirates have inquired on #WhiteSox OF Carlos Quentin. Asking price astronomical. Sounds unlikely, to say the least. #tradedeadline -- Dejan Kovacevic (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Kenny Williams is open to trading Quentin: Braves and Phils both very interested in Quentin, and it appears Sox would consider moving him even tho just 3 games out. -- Danny Knobler (

Williams willing to wait: Told Quentin isn't the only player being shopped, and if KW doesn't get a deal he likes now he is willing to wait until offseason. -- Joe Cowley

Something's going to happen: sox source: more movement to come -- Daryl Van Schouwen

Jayson Stark's column goes beyond 140 characters:

Despite reports Wednesday that the Phillies are turning their attention to Carlos Quentin in the wake of their lack of progress on the Hunter Pence front, an NL executive who had spoken with both teams said: "I can't see that working." Nevertheless, there has been increasing evidence the White Sox are talking to several teams about Quentin, one of which is believed to be Atlanta. "They would move him," said an executive of one team that has been in touch with the White Sox. "I wouldn't say they're bound and determined to move him. But would they? Absolutely." Another name we were told the White Sox have dangled, just to see what happened: Adam Dunn.

So there's an abundance of varieties, save one -- the real naysayer.

Sure, nobody's going to say trading Quentin is an impossibility, because Williams always says that nobody is untouchable. But usually, you'll see it qualified with statements like, "... but Williams would have to be blown away." I'm not sensing a whole lot of that sentiment.

Right now, the only people who don't think it's going to happen are the ones using logic and concluding, "Wait -- the Sox struggle to score runs, right?" And as we've seen in the past, for better or for worse, Williams eschews conventional wisdom. And recently the "for worse" column is winning going away.

So ... what say you?