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A Fourth of July riddle

Q: What is red, white and blue and should be calling up Dayan Viciedo in about 27 years?

Answer after the jump.

A: Kenny Williams, 20 years old and a member of the 1984 Glens Falls White Sox


(Photo courtesy of the Albany Times Union archives)

Fun fact No. 1: Williams is a proud member of the Glens Falls Area Baseball Hall of Fame, along with Greg Walker, Daryl Boston, John Cangelosi, Doug Drabek, Tim Hulett and Ron Karkovice.

Fun fact No. 2: Somehow it doesn't include Ron Kittle, who hit 40 homers for the GlenSox back in 1981. My fault -- Kittle is in.

Apparent fun fact: Wiliams used to have a size-27 waist 27 years ago.

The Sox spent six years in Glens Falls, but Williams was one of the few GlenSox to actually make it in the big leagues. We do have a couple photos of a shaggy Greg Walker, though, including one where he watches Tim Hulett place a tag on a non-prospect utilityman on Buffalo by the name of Mike Quade.