White Sox Minor League Update

Sickels in 2004:

Gavin Floyd, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies
Bats: R Throws: R HT: 6-6 WT: 210 DOB: January 27, 1983

Gavin Floyd had some bouts of inconsistency in 2003, but he remains one of the top
pitching prospects in the minor leagues. His ratios: K/BB +26 percent, K/IP +9 percent,
H/IP +2 percent. Compared to 2002, his strikeout rate was about the same, while his H/IP
deteriorated, though that can be a flukey stat. His K/BB actually improved. Some people
observers said his fastball didn’t have quite as much life last year as it did in ’02, but his
velocity was still above average, and curveball and changeup improved. He had some
mechanical problems (traced to trying too hard to imitate Kevin Millwood), but it’s not supposed to be a major issue. Floyd gets his Double-A test in ’04, and I don’t have any
reason to think he won’t succeed, given all the standard warnings about young pitcher
unpredictability. He remains a Grade A- prospect.

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