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Reading Room: A slightly less mobile Big Hurt unveiled

In case you missed it, here's the unveiling of the new Frank Thomas sculpture at U.S. Cellular Field. Besides the genuine appreciation Thomas showed for the moment, one other thing caught my attention: The White Sox need a bigger podium.

Hopefully this is it for the Thomas-devoted days, and not because I've had enough of the Big Hurt, but because they've lost both games in his honor.

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Dan Patrick talks to the ever-fiery Paul Konerko, who pulls off his "Win one for The Gipper" moment:

DP: Will the White Sox reach the playoffs?

PK: Jury's out. We're leaning against it because we haven't been playing good baseball. The hard part of saying no is that we're four out with 67 to go [through Sunday]. And we haven't really come close—other than maybe the first 10 games of the year—to where we feel like we're doing what we want to do out there. You look at the positive, and you just keep grinding away. We've got to get better at a lot of things. The math is there that [making the playoffs] is totally possible.

Speaking of inspirational, Mark Buehrle says pitchers have to pick up for the offense when they're not scoring runs, but in text form, he almost sounds resigned.

James shares his thoughts on the trade deadline (in)action.

Another team trades Brandon Allen for a reliever - this time it's the Diamondbacks, who shipped him to Oakland for Brad Ziegler. Sure, Ziegler is more useful than Tony Pena, but Allen must have some kind of hole in his swing to the point where homers like this one don't sway people at all.

Rhubarb posted this in a fanshot, but in case you missed it, you have no excuse now.

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