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It's still time for Viciedo

Dayan likes you.
Dayan likes you.

Carlos Quentin's mild acromioclavicular ("AC") joint sprain in his left shoulder provides yet another opportunity for the White Sox to finally call-up Dayan Viciedo.  Injury to the second most productive offensive player isn't the ideal scenario for this (over the past few months, we've gone over about a half dozen different ways to get him on the roster).  But this is perhaps the cleanest because nobody's feelings would get hurt.

The White Sox say Quentin is "day to day."  But they also say he isn't going to play until at least the Seattle series that begins on Friday.

With Alejandro De Aza playing predictably competently and Brent Lillibridge hitting (almost) like pre-2011 Adam Dunn, as well as Paul Konerko being relegated to DH duties until September, some of the urgency for a move for an outfielder/DH may appear to be lacking.  Since the Yankees series debacle, the White Sox offense has averaged just over 5 runs per game.  That is a full run more than they've averaged this season but that's not really a great output for an alleged hot streak.

And that's sort of the point.  This still isn't a good offense.  And while the White Sox are right to be initially conservative with Quentin, at 5 games out (potentially 5.5 after Detroit's game tonight) they really can't afford to wait until after the Angels series to make a decision on whether to place him on the DL.

AC joint sprains, even of the allegedly mild variety, hurt like hell.  And the pain doesn't go away quickly.  Worse, this is Quentin's front shoulder when he's batting.  We all know Quentin's china doll reputation, which he fully deserves.  And we've all seen Quentin's production when he's a broken china doll (even when allegedly mildly broken).

The White Sox should take the off day today to evaluate their options.  Maybe take a look at Brendan Ryan's quite comparable situation (mild AC joint sprain to front shoulder), which has kept him out since August 3.  Maybe think about how Quentin plays when he's not healthy.  Maybe take a look at what Viciedo has done in Charlotte (.299/.366/.491).  Maybe take a look at what he's done recently (last ten games: .324/.415/.647).  And then, if Quentin isn't feeling significantly better, maybe take a look at flights from Atlanta to LA.