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Reading Room: Ozzie loves other teams' farm products

As a baseball fan, I'm all for displays of professional respect, which is why this is one of my favorite gifs of all time, regardless of the subject.


As a White Sox fan, I wish I could be all for Ozzie Guillen's man crush on Los Angeles ground-coverer Peter Bourjos. I, too, love watching Bourjos run, and there are few things more beautiful in the game than watching a center fielder make a great read and run down a fly without diving.

There's just one tiny problem:

"It’s nice to see the newcomers that make this game so exciting," Guillen said. "I love it. I love it. Where do they find those guys? Where?"

Maybe we're watching a different season than the one the Sox are playing. There's no other way to describe the complete lack of self-awareness.

Before we leave Bourjos be, I liked the way James broke down the way he scored from first on a Pierror.

Speaking of ground-covering, David Haugh's column echoes what we've been saying for the past several weeks, but it's good to see the big paper in town taking the "What the hell.." approach.

Mike throws out an interesting thought. If Paul Konerko happened to reach the first-baseman-starved Diamondbacks, would you try to engineer a trade? He would. I wouldn't.

Mark Gonzalez doesn't think Danks could get a Mark Buehrle-sized extension at this point, but Chad Billingsley's contract (four for $46 million) might be in the ballpark.

Brett Ballantini explores the rotation further, calling Danks a "strong bet" to stay with the Sox beyond 2012.

There by the grace of Donny goes Tyler Flowers, who offers a self-assessment of his game and ends up talking in the third person.

Jim Thome is back on the Indians. The White Sox chose not to block him because Konerko is stuck in the DH spot.