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Twitter debate: Roster management

On Saturday afternoon, I tweeted a link to my post about about the insincere promotion of Dayan Viciedo, noting that the Sox basically made sure to kill any possible joy from the event. Chris Rongey tweeted a response:

@JimMargalus To be "joyful" of his promotion is to have expected him to save the season a month ago. That's unfair to him.

I responded to Rongey. Then Scott Merkin responded to both of us. And then Larry jumped in to make it a four-way crossfire (yeah! yeah!) for a good 45-minute discussion on why the White Sox dragged their feet, why they shouldn't have, and what difference it might have made.

I cobbled together the tweets below in chronological order. I'd originally attempted to rearrange them to keep the topics together, but due to the nature of the beast, it seemed even more confusing.