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My Slow Descent Into Apathy

So I've found myself with a great deal of free time as of late. My summer internship finally ended Monday and unlike during the first half of the season, I'm single. Usually this would mean a lot more baseball watching. But something funny seems to be happening.

I find myself struggling to give a damn. And Horace Greeley was completely right, apathy is a sort of living oblivion.

One of the guys I used to hangout with back in the day moved back from Kansas this weekend. He'd lived out of state the past six years. We were never really that close, but we had the same friends and some common interests. Yesterday he asked if I wanted to go to a happy hour. I did.

Somewhere between the sun going down and the day shift leaving Moe Joe's, I realized the baseball game was on. And then I realized I haven't actually watched more than about 20 minutes of a game in over a week. I've been more interested in darts, watching old episodes of the Venture Brothers, and reading old comic books than I have the White Sox. And that's weird for me.

When people ask me what my hobbies are, watching baseball has been my number one with a bullet for a few years now. But this season...this fucking season, I just don't seem to have it in me.

The TV that the game was on last night had a weird messed up feed that cut off the top score/innings line. When I looked up from the round of PBR's I was buying, I had no idea what was happening in the game. There was no context. I chuckled and walked back to the dart board to finish in second place for the fifth or sixth time of the night. Essentially I was the White Sox last night: good enough to hang around, but not good enough to actually do anything. Another returned expat approached me in the corner I play darts in asking me about the score and what the hell is wrong with the team. I shook my head, drank my beer and shrugged my shoulders.