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Reading Room: Open-ended futures abound

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Christian Marrero Reading Room
Christian Marrero Reading Room

We begin today's Reading Room with an article that's a few days old in one respect, but timeless in another...

You may have already read this Rick Morrissey column where he talks to Kenny Williams. If you haven't: He thinks it's interesting that people assume that either the general manager or manager won't return next season. At any rate, I bring it back up because Williams says that he defers to Jerry Reinsdorf when it comes to the employment status of Ozzie Guillen, and so I had to update my chain-of-command flow chart accordingly.

Despite Guillen's numerous failings this season, I wholeheartedly support the support he's given the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum this year, which included attending a fundraiser on Friday. Really, the biggest problem with Guillen taking over the Florida Marlins might be that his team won't visit Kansas City but once or twice a decade, and then who does the talking?


Our friend Brett updates his WAR report and finds that Mark Buehrle's terrible September has caused him to take a big hit.

Scott Merkin writes about Zach Stewart, " Stewart has been up and down a bit through his starts, but doesn't have any good explanation as to why."

It sounds crazy, but hang with me -- he might be inconsistent because he's a rookie who struggled in Triple-A before the Sox needed him to plug a gap in the major-league roster. This sort of thing is known to happen, except to guys named Stephen Strasburg.

Normally I'd highlight the kicker of James' piece on Stewart and Dylan Axelrod, but then that would kinda spoil the point of reading the whole thing.

With Brent Lillibridge all but guaranteed a major-league paycheck next season, Shane Lindsay takes ownership of the title for Most Relatable White Sox.

A.J. Pierzynski takes delight in his triumph over his wrist injury, but underneath the lede is the note that Carlos Quentin may not play again this season.

Axelrod will get a chance to capitalize on his strong first start. Ozzie Guillen makes a lot of sense when he says:

"He had a pretty good game and what do we have to lose?" Guillen said. said. "Give the kid the opportunity to perform."

Of course, this raises plenty of other questions. One of which I will ask later today.