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All Day Q&A: Brett Ballantini of

The White Sox kick off the September leg of their "Contending By Accident" tour tonight, and we follow them in a state of bafflement. Stumped by strategy. Counfounded by choice of cleanup hitter. Perplexed by a lack of promotion. Troubled by tumult between Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams.

Given that we've tried to piece it together with little success, I'm going to yield the floor to beat writer Brett Ballantini (or @CSNChi_Beatnik on Twitter) to see if he can add any further insight to the ignonimy.

Ballantini, going by the cryptic handle of "Brett," has volunteered to drop by throughout the day to talk about the White Sox on our turf. So drop your questions/comments/bones to pick about the White Sox, covering the White Sox, the media itself, Presidential Royal Rumbles or anything else (within reason) into the comments, and he'll do his best to answer them during his downtime in Detroit today.