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White Sox to reconsider ticket prices, but...

"OK, <em>now</em> I can hear you."
"OK, now I can hear you."

Ed Sherman of Crain's Chicago Business talked to Brooks Boyer as the White Sox start forming a strategy to tackle the attendance problem.

The whole thing is worth reading, but I'll highlight my favorite part:

Mr. Boyer said fans likely will "see more dynamic ticket pricing from us."

"It'll be like how the airlines price their tickets," Mr. Boyer said. "The earlier you buy, the better deal you get. We might have an outfield seat for an April game where when that ticket first goes on sale, it might be dynamically priced at 30% below face value. As you get closer to the game, you get closer to the base price."

On the other side, the prices could rise for marquee games against teams like the Yankees, Mr. Boyer said.

In 2011, the White Sox and Yankees played a Monday-Thursday series in August. The timing of the series, the dramatic premium-game markups and the lackluster play of the home team resulted in the lowest attendance for Sox-Yankees games since 2005.

In 2012, the Sox and Yankees will play a Monday-Wednesday series in August, so they won't even be able to work with the most favorable weekday this time. Raising ticket prices in response would fly in the face of the concept of supply and demand, and it puts all the pressure on the White Sox to provide highly compelling baseball.

If that sounds familiar, it's the same strategy they used this season. It didn't work so well.