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Tigers 18, White Sox 2: Ambush or streak? Both apply

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The White Sox dugout is a mourners' row.
The White Sox dugout is a mourners' row.

For the fourth straight season, Ozzie Guillen's White Sox were swept by their chief division rival.

In 2008, the Sox lost their division lead to the Minnesota Twins by losing three in the Metrodome from Sept. 23-25.

In 2009, the Twins swept the Sox in Chicago from Sept. 21-23.

In 2010, the Twins once again kicked the door shut on the Sox by taking all three games of a must-win series on Sept. 14-16.

This year, the Tigers took the torch and stomped the White Sox's fingers off the windowsill. Detroit following up its rally from a seven-run deficit on Saturday by humiliating the White Sox in front of a national audience. The Tigers built an 18-0 lead, giving them 26 unanswered runs over a 13-inning stretch. Only two runs in garbage time -- a Donny Lucy RBI double and an Alex Rios sac fly -- stood between the Sox suffering the worst shutout of the season, and the second-wost in franchise history.

Record: 68-69 | Box score | Play-by-play