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Who's in charge of the White Sox: An organizational flow chart

Ozzie Guillen does not consider sunflower seeds to be father figures.
Ozzie Guillen does not consider sunflower seeds to be father figures.

Whether it's a cause or an effect, a lot of White Sox are starting to point fingers while watching their season spin down the toilet. Amid all the yelling, it once again raises the question -- just who exactly is in charge of whom?

In most organizations, the players report to the coaches and the manager, who reports to the general manager, who reports to the owner. Thanks to Jerry Reinsdorf's family atmosphere, it's not that simple with the White Sox. And amid all the yelling, it has become even more complicated.

Here's what we've discovered in just this past week:

*Kenny Williams got into a shouting match with Greg Walker over the stagnation of Gordon Beckham, but didn't fire him, and Ozzie Guillen wanted nothing to do with it. Walker said he'll decide at the end of the year whether he'll come back.

*Jake Peavy said that he hasn't been the same since his four-inning relief outing against Washington in June, but Don Cooper disagreed.

*In the Q&A thread with Brett Ballantini, he offered that Jerry Reinsdorf is as much the reason behind A.J. Pierzynski's return as Kenny Williams was -- maybe even more so.

*Ballantini, Barry Rozner and The Score 670's Matt Spiegel have openly stated that Joe Cowley is doing Guillen's bidding. In a shouting match with Spiegel on Friday, Cowley said all the other baseball writers in town were more concerned with kissing Kenny Williams' ass for quotes.

*During the broadcast of Sunday night's game, Guillen referred to Reinsdorf as a "father figure," which shouldn't surprise anybody since Joe Cowley said the same thing on the score in defense of his cries for attention. But Guillen also used that phrase to describe Paul Konerko, which suggests his daddy issues go deeper than I thought.

This new wealth of information changed my perception of the franchise's hierarchy. So below the jump, I've constructed a flow chart to figure out the pecking order, and it's almost as convoluted as the last one. This is a living document, so please let me know if I missed anything.


(The dotted line represents management in speculation only. The gray area represents Donny Lucy.)