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2012 White Sox Season in Review

Looking back at the highlights, lowlights and key developments from the Chicago White Sox's 2012 season.

So you extended Jake Peavy ...

Jake Peavy's bulldog ways sometimes got the best of him, but his ability to last the whole season eases many concerns about his heavy workload.

Video: The Dayan Cannon in all its glory

Dayan Viciedo had the most assist of any White Sox left fielder in the last 16 years. Watch how he did it.

The best White Sox winners of 2012: Second half

Out of the 38 White Sox victories after the All-Star break, here are nine worth storing away.

The best White Sox winners of 2012: First half

In the first part, take a look back at eight standout victories from the first half of the season.

The Alternate History of the 2012 White Sox

If history hinges on small events, then the fate of the AL Central could have changed with five minor decisions.

The clutchest White Sox performances of 2012

Ranking the top 10 games by White Sox hitters in terms of Win Probability Added -- with video evidence!

Reviewing Robin Ventura's ejections

The White Sox manager was thrown out of four games in his rookie season. Were his arguments justified? Or, failing that, awesome?

The top White Sox pitching performances of 2012

Chris Sale and Jake Peavy show up multiple times on the list of the season's top game scores, but one perfect day beats them all.

De Aza seizes the leadoff spot

The White Sox gave Alejandro De Aza a chance to establish himself as an everyday player at the top of the lineup, and De Aza rewarded their confidence.

Video: Top 5 Ramirez-Beckham double plays

The White Sox double-play combo made a lot of tough turns look easy.

These guys played for the 2012 White Sox

The White Sox endured their fair share of duds this season, including four who proved themselves unsuitable for the big leagues even after a change of scenery.

The longest White Sox home runs of 2012

Adam Dunn returns to his rightful spot at the top of his team's distance charts. Watch how he did it.

2012 White Sox final grades

The White Sox are graded out on their 2012 performance.

Terrerobytes: Begin the postmortem

As the season comes to a close, members of the White Sox assess why they fell short, and where they might go from here.