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The social side of South Side Sox

Just a brief announcement with some stunning new developments for South Side Sox elsewhere on the Internet. And by "stunning," I mean "administrative," which might be even sexier.


If you're on Twitter and you don't follow @SouthSideSox, now's a good time to start. I'll still be tweeting on @JimMargalus, but most of my White Sox tweets will come from @SouthSideSox in order to give SSS a more identifiable Twitter voice.

I've also put a list together of all of the SSS staff on Twitter, so follow everybody on the list or follow the list itself, and you win either way.

Google Plus

For you avid Google Plus users, you can find South Side Sox here. Put it in your baseball circles! +1 it! We'll take either or both!


If you don't know where we are on Facebook, then you must not visit the home page. You don't have to love us -- you just have to like us.

If you're on these platforms and want SSSers to find you, drop your various handle(s) below.

And if you're already hooked up with us, or you don't care one bit, here's a live feed of Yoennis Cespedes' Dominican Winter League debut to watch while there's snow on the ground.