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Ozzie, Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

Aren't you supposed to be worrying about leading the Marlins?  Why in the hell are you still stalking us? (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Aren't you supposed to be worrying about leading the Marlins? Why in the hell are you still stalking us? (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
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I was perusing my Twitter account today and a bunch of tweets came in from Ozzie Guillen. It started out innocently enough. First he thanked everyone for their birthday wishes and then told Jermaine Dye that he will kick his butt in golf. Then someone must have told him that Jake Peavy said "I would never quit on a team. ...Ozzie didn't finish with us the last (two) games. So I don't know who quit on who."

Because these were the next four tweets Ozzie rattled off (sorry for the typos, they are his and not mine):

When i get to chitown lets make one thing clear what happen last day whit the sox stay tune

Iam out the country now but i never quit in anything yes be ready when i talk going to be fun

I will kill peoples fellings no mercy i turn the page but they no let me a long then get ready going to be bad

People want me to look bad but i so honest i wiil saynthe real true put u seat belt on

As soon as this came across, I got a bunch of text messages from Sox fans, Cub fans, Ozzie fans and Ozzie haters. Most of them saying something like "OMG Ozzie is going to go off on the Sox again".

Words can't express how much I disdain Ozzie Guillen. I had issues with him when he was a player. The guy was basically worthless after he and Tim Raines collided on a blooper April 21, 1992. He came back in 1993 and stayed on as the starting shortstop all the way through 1997, even though he was putting up negative BWar numbers starting in 1995.

Then after he left, he had a lot to say from Orioles training camp ripping the White Sox and their players. It was one of the reasons I was happy that Mike Caruso had a "good" 1998. Here is an article from the Baltimore Sun from 1998 about a sulking Guillen coming back to Chicago. Notice how Bevington said Ozzie "turned into a bad guy" his last two years. That sounds awful familiar.

Here is one from Phil Rogers in March of 2005 talking about how ridiculous Guillen is for ripping Magglio Ordonez when Ozzie did the same thing 8 years prior.

He threatened to quit as manager 20 times during his tenure. He put Rob Mackowiak in center field. He couldn't make his loud mouth kid be quiet. He chose Mark Kotsay over Jim Thome in 2010. He had ill-timed requests for a contract extension. Ozzie wanted the spotlight on him and only him the entire time he was here.

Ozzie Guillen has sabotaged way too many seasons on the South Side. Now he is going to try and do it one more time. Unfortunately, it will probably be timed just as Soxfest is opening. Then he'll probably have more to say during spring training. I am hoping and praying the Sox don't respond to him and just concentrate at the task at hand but that isn't one of Kenny Williams, Don Cooper or Jake Peavy's strong points. Robin Ventura doesn't need to be saddled with even more Guillen fallout than he is already going to receive.

When Ozzie does say something, it will probably have some truth to it. I've always thought that Kenny is just as much at fault as Guillen is. He will probably also give more thoughts on Cooper and Peavy. While it might lead to some insight on why 2011 was such a terrible year, I really don't want to think about it anymore. He's gone. The others are here. It is what it is.

Its a shame that Ozzie couldn't do what Motley Crue said... Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).