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Reports from SoxFest, Day 1

Kenny Williams heard some boos at the opening ceremonies of SoxFest at the Palmer House Hilton on Friday, but the acrimony ended shortly thereafter. For the rest of the evening, the White Sox were received with the enthusiasm that you'd expect from people who paid good money to attend because they're enthusiastic about the White Sox.

Basically, the counterculture at SoxFest was limited to our pal KenWo -- and even he's glad to be there. And why not? For a lot of people, it's the official start of the start-thinking-about-baseball season.

(And if you're on Twitter and not following him (@KenWo4LiFe) this weekend, you should be.)

A few stories outside of the open sessions:

As for everything else, I've selected a healthy smattering of tweets and photos from fans, bloggers and media in attendance to capture the moods of the rooms (prepare for scrolling).