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Reports from SoxFest, Day 3

(In case you missed it: Friday and Saturday recaps)

If Mark Parent ever allowed me a one-punch head start in a bar fight, it would hurt me a helluva lot more than it'd hurt him.

At least that's the impression I got from reading his comments at SoxFest. We haven't heard much about Parent since Robin Ventura plucked him from obscurity (specifically, Reading, Pa.) to serve as his bench coach. We knew he was a well-traveled backup catcher and a mountain of a man, but neither tells you much of his ethos.

During Sunday's seminar, Parent talked a game that Sox fans have long-desired to hear. He spoke of a need to retaliate when hitters are getting knocked down, and honestly evaluated A.J. Pierzynski's problems keeping the running game in check. In a nutshell:

Broadcaster Steve Stone joked about another ploy to slow opponents. "Or (pour) 10 gallons of water near first base," he said.

"We can try that," Parent joked. "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying."

Now, whether the Sox will back up Parent's talk is something to throw in the wait-and-see bin. But the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem, and Parent spoke of them in plain terms. At the very least, he looks like he's set to play bad cop, and maybe the devil on Ventura's shoulder, which will be a departure from Joey Cora's apparent role of administrator.

Among the out-of-session stories:

All the important tweets are below the jump. Big ups to KenWo for his heavy-duty tweeting action, and it was nice to see our pal 67WMAQ back in the mix, hung up on Ed Farmer's presentation.