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SSS Interactive Hall of Fame Voting Results

This year we had 130 eligible votes for our Interactive Hall of Fame ballot. I had to chop off plenty for multiple entries and for going over the maximum 10 votes for each player. These are simple rules people. It really isn't that hard.

98 votes were needed to cross the 75% threshold. We only had one player get the necessary amount of votes for 2012 enshrinement.

He's In: Barry Larkin is your sole inductee for 2012. He was named on 107 ballots... good enough for 82%.

So close but yet so far: Tim Raines (96 votes- 73.8%), Jeff Bagwell (96 votes- 73.8%), Edgar Martinez (91 votes- 70%)

More than half way there (37.5%) : Alan Trammell (65 votes- 50%), Jack Morris ( 52 votes- 40%)

Solid Support (20-37.5%): Lee Smith (48 votes- 36.9%), Fred McGriff (42 votes- 32.3%), Mark McGwire (41 votes- 31.5%), Don Mattingly (34 votes- 26.1%), Larry Walker (32 votes- 24.6%), Rafael Palmeiro (26 votes- 20%), Bernie Williams (26 votes- 20%)

Still on ballot (5-19.9%): Dale Murphy (25 votes- 19.2%), Tim Salmon (7 votes- 5.3%)

Off the ballot (>5%): Juan Gonzalez (5 votes), Javy Lopez (4 votes), Vinny Castilla (3 votes), Phil Nevin (3 votes), Jeromy Burnitz (2 votes), Brian Jordan (2 votes), Brad Radke (2 votes), Ruben Sierra (2 votes), Tony Womack (2 votes), Eric Young (2 votes), Bill Mueller (0 votes), Terry Mulholland (0 votes).

Unfortunately, I think we are going to be a good representation of the actual balloting. Id love if Raines, Bagwell, Edgar, Trammell or Morris would get enough votes for enshrinement... but I think Larkin goes solo.

I was surprised that we had two first ballot guys stay on. Bernie Williams is pretty much a given to stay on Monday, but we also had Tim Salmon get the 7 necessary votes.

Comparing this year to last year, it is interesting to see that last year we voted in Raines and Larkin fell just short. This year Larkin got in easy and Raines barely fell off.

The biggest gains were from Fred McGriff 19% to 32%, Don Mattingly 11%- 26% and Jack Morris 18%- 40%.

Our stance on steroids pretty much stayed the same as Mark Mcgwire remained at 31%, though Palmeiro picked up an extra 6%.

Next season is going to be a rough vote. Entering the ballot will be Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza, Sammy Sosa, Curt Schilling, Craig Biggio, Kenny Lofton, Steve Finley, David Wells, Julio Franco, Sandy Alomar, Shawn Green, Jose Mesa and one of my personal favorites, Roberto Hernandez.

Here you can view who your favorite SSS'er voted for.