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Reading Room: Weekend reads

Is it April yet?
Is it April yet?

For some reason, there isn't a Gavin Floyd trade to read about, so these will have to do.

A fascinating, how-the-hell kind of story on former Colorado Rockies catcher Ben Petrick. He was a highly touted prospect who earned the hype early on before Parkinson's Disease stepped in, and how he had to hide its effects while trying to stay in the game.

Don Cooper reiterates his faith in Kenny Williams' ability to find a type of pitcher that the pitching coaches can work with.

Scott Skillings offers thoughts on the fantasy value of Alejandro De Aza and Dayan Viciedo (intriguing!), as well as Alex Rios (not so much!).

Bruce Markusen uses a baseball card as a launching point on the state of Dick Allen's career. In this case, it's the year before the White Sox traded for him.

Chris Jaffe has a methodology to project Cooperstown vote totals based on the partial early returns.

Jerry Crasnick checks in on the state of Boras' individual waiting games, including Edwin Jackson's contract demands. Most recently, Boras was stumping for a five-year, $60 million deal.

"Over 80 years before outfielder Albert Belle signed a free agent contract with the Chicago White Sox to become the first player to earn over ten million a year, baseball already had had a 'Ten Million' ballplayer."

It's just been one problem after another for Bobby Jenks since he signed that two-year deal with the Boston Red Sox.